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Today’s woman faces unique challenges and transitions that can take a toll on her health and well-being. Recognizing the interconnected nature of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, I firmly believe that each one of us possesses the capacity for self-healing, positive change, and personal growth.

My mission is to partner with and empower women to overcome obstacles, reshape their connection with aging, and lead vibrant, fulfilling lives. Thus, leading them to discover their own inner resources and unleash their full potential and achieve the life they deserve.

Committed to empowering women to live their best lives, my exclusive Signature Programs, Radiant Revival and Ageless Adventure lay the groundwork for sustained transformation and long-term success. These programs prioritize achieving tangible results over mere breakthroughs. The insights gained from incorporating the transformative principles of Rapid Transformational Therapy® seamlessly integrate into these signature programs, guiding you towards lasting and concrete results. Encouraging a mindset that sees challenges as growth opportunities, this distinctive approach inspires women to set ambitious benchmarks for their aspirations.

Ready to take action? You possess the key to empowerment — unleashing your full potential, healing from the past, and crafting a present life brimming with renewed purpose, self-assurance, and enduring transformation. Begin your journey towards a more empowered and radiant self today. Get in touch with Deborah to kickstart your transformative journey!

What is Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT®)

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT®), a cutting-edge therapeutic approach pioneered by the esteemed therapist Marisa Peer, integrates hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). This innovative combination aims to empower clients by addressing limiting self-concepts, transforming negative self-talk, facilitating detachment from past narratives, and dismantling barriers.

"RTT® uses a combination of hypnosis, guided visualization, conversation, and specialized tools and techniques to help clients access and reprogram the subconscious mind."

In harmonious alignment with the science of neuroplasticity, which attests to our ability to rewire our minds, RTT® emerges as an unparalleled force for change. By accessing the potent subconscious mind, we can forge new neural pathways, replacing outdated limiting beliefs and behaviors with empowering ones. The potential for transformation is vast, and the journey to a renewed self unfolds smoothly with the revolutionary capabilities of RTT®.


What Can RTT® Do For You?

Understanding is power, and in hypnosis is the most liberating, phenomenal power.

RTT® can help you identify and address underlying beliefs, emotions and experiences that may be holding you back. Understanding the root cause of your challenges is an essential part of achieving lasting change and transformation.


This transformation can happen in many areas of life but requires self-awareness, mindset shift, hard work and dedication.

Book Your Online Session & What You Can Expect

Let's begin your journey.

A discovery call is a chance for us to connect, discuss your goals, and explore how my coaching approach and RTT can support your unique journey.

It’s an opportunity to clarify expectations, ensuring that our collaboration aligns with your aspirations for positive change.

Upon booking, you’ll receive an information intake form to fill out. This form helps to gain insight into your history.

It helps to clarify and narrow down the specific issues or challenges you want to address initially.

Experience the power of Rapid Transformational Therapy as you are guided into a natural state of relaxation and hypnosis. 

Sessions are conducted remotely, providing a safe and supportive environment right from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a quiet space, a computer, and a stable internet connection. Sessions typically last 90 minutes to 2 hours, ensuring we have ample time to work towards your transformation.

After our RTT breakthrough session, you’ll receive a personalized transformation audio to empower your growth journey. Listening to it daily strengthens empowering beliefs, replaces limiting thought patterns, and unlocks creativity, confidence, and self-concept. 

Transitioning beyond the breakthrough, you seamlessly enter your selected Signature Program. Our coaching partnership serves as the driving force for your continued transformation, steering you towards an empowered and vibrant version of yourself.


Frequently Asked Questions

RTT® gets to the root cause of the challenge. It uses hypnosis and a unique combination of techniques and beliefs to understand the subconscious belief that you formed earlier in your life but that is no longer useful to you. With RTT®, you have an outcome-focused solution capable of delivering transformative results.

While you may believe that you cannot be hypnotized, it’s important to note that most individuals are highly suggestible. Hypnosis extends beyond just achieving a trance or deep relaxation; it involves delving inward to uncover emotional answers, bypassing the logical brain.

Even if you have reservations, if you can form a belief, you can be hypnotized. Keep in mind that only 5% of your mind is conscious, while the majority resides in the subconscious and unconscious realms.

There is a misunderstanding because of TV shows that gives people the wrong idea of hypnosis. During the session you are continuously fully conscious, yet very relaxed. You can’t be forced to do things you don’t want to do, or talk about things you don’t want to talk about. You will be relaxed and comfortable.

One RTT® session lasts about 1.5 to 2 hours. We discuss how your challenge manifests itself. Briefly discuss relevant pieces from your past and determine how you want your life to be.

After this I will gently bring you into a state of deep relaxation and we will look at where your challenge originated and how it is now affecting your daily life.

After this we will make sure that you leave this behind so that it will no longer affect you. It’s a positive experience. You may feel a little tired but this will be a satisfied relaxed tiredness.

Not yet, we are working hard on it and expect this to change in the future.

More about RTT®

Familiarize yourself with RTT® and how you can benefit from its powerful process.

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RTT® works through the science of neuroplasticity using a unique layering of techniques and tools that are crucial in teaching you how to communicate with the subconscious mind.


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